With 11 different series, 26 configurations and over 170 different attachments, MultiOne is the best Articulated Mini Loader in the market, made to suit every kind of task: from farming to landscaping, from property maintenance to DIY.

Discover the full MultiOne’s mini loaders range: from the small and versatile 3WD mini loader, ideal for all of your DIY tasks, to the impressive 70 hp 10 Series.
Every Multione 4WD mini loader is equipped with an articulated steering, this means that the front and rear halves of the loader are connected by a juncture, making the machine capable of moving in small working spaces, ensuring the four wheels driving in all conditions. Each Series from 4 onwards is equipped with telescopic boom.


Light, Telescopic and Economical

The Mini Loader for private and light professional use. Diesel, 20 hp

MultiOne 4 Series compact articulated mini loader is a superb all-round machine for the development and maintenance of landscaped areas, perfect for gardeners, farming, private and light professional use.


Compact, Telescopic and less than 1000 kg

The Mini Loader for everyday use, fits everywhere. Diesel, 25 hp

MultiOne 5 Series compact articulated mini loader offers a winning combination of performance and low operating costs. No compromise between performance, power, economy, innovation, technology and design.


High Torque, Articulated Mini Loader

The Multione for every job. 26, 37,5 and 57 hp, 2 Speed and Hi-Flow

MultiOne 8 series is the best solution in the market for those who need all the incredible features of the new series plus high torque and high speed. Design features include   a wide, comfortable and easily…


The MultiOne Full Electric

The first MultiOne 100% electric, zero emission

The EZ Series is especially suitable for indoor use where ventilation is limited or non-existent and there are strict noise restrictions.
The EZ series is powered by two electric motors: no exhaust fumes, very low noise emissions and low running costs. It is equipped with a battery that assure a long running time and with integrated charger which enables charging from any domestic power outlet.