MultiOne 8 series is the best solution in the market of articulated mini loaders for those who need all the incredible features of the new series plus high torque and high speed.

The 8 series has the same new frame of 7 series but it’s equipped with a more powerful engine and direct drive motors that grant- massive traction unequalled by competitors. The stability and reliability features of these new revolutionary mini loaders include advanced and modern frame design, low centre of weight for amazing stability, integrated back weights and heavy duty hot forged articulation joint.

Design features include  a wide, comfortable and easily accessible driver area and a luxury cab with a/c system.

It’s the ideal choice for tough jobs in which additional power, traction and comfort are needed.


· Advanced and modern frame design
· Integrated backweights
· Powerful engine and direct drive motors
· A/C for cabin

(*) It’s the maximum load that can be lifted just off the ground when the machine is straight, with backweights and on firm, level ground. Boom not
extended. Weight of attachment included, the tipping load is the value indicated minus the weight of the attachment.
  • NEW 8.5S K



   Kohler KDI1903 – 1861 cc – 3 cyl –       

   Turbo     common rail –Liquid cooled

   Power (Iso Gross)   57HP
   Fuel   Diesel
   Transmission   Hydrostatic
   Drive speed (max)   13 – 26 km/h (8 – 16 mph)
   Aux. hydraulic oil flow   83l/min (21.9 GPM)
   Max lifting height   3,2 m (126 in)
   Breakout force / 50 cm   1700kg (3748 lbs)
   Turning radius: inside/outside   670 / 2245 mm (26.4 / 88.4 in)
   Standard tires (Tractor profile)   400/50-R15ET-100
   Weight   1790 kg (3946 lbs)

   Max tipping load   


   1790kg (3946 lbs)

   Lifting capacity (straight and


   1425 kg (3141 lbs)

   Lifting capacity (fully articulated       


   1068kg (2354 lbs)
   Code   C964006