Innovation is a consolidated MultiOne’s strong value. Environmental awareness is constantly growing and electromobility is not anymore a futuristic vision: it is reality.

These facts has driven us to design a full electric version of our best seller 8 series.
The target was to guarantee the same performance in an electrically operated machine as our diesel mini loaders.
This was achieved: MultiOne Emission Zero series is reality


· Battery powered electric loader
· Emission Zero, no exhaust fumes
· Very low noise emissions
· Low running costs
· New transmission pump
· Li-ION and Lead acid battery with a long operating time
· Integrated battery charger as standard, which makes it possible to charge batteries anywhere a domestic power
outlet is available.
· Remote monitoring system (EZ8)
· External fast charging station available (EZ8)Especially suitable for indoor use where ventilation is limited or non-
existent and there are strict noise restrictions

  • NEW EZ 8


   Engine   2electric motor
   Battery Capacity   20,5 kWh
   Fuel   Full electric
  Transmission   Hydrostatic
   Drive speed (max)   12km/h (7.5 mph)
   Aux. hydraulic oil flow   35l/min (9.3 GPM)
   Max lifting height   2,90m (114 in)
   Breakout force / 50 cm   1700kg (3748 lbs)
   Turning radius: inside/outside   825/ 2090 mm (32.5 / 82.3 in)
   Standard tires (Tractor profile)   26×12.00-12
   Weight   1570kg (3470 lbs)
   Tipping load (w/backweights)   1550kg (3417 lbs)   
   Lifting capacity (straight and w/backweights)   1240kg (2734 lbs)
   Lifting capacity (fully articulated and w/backweights)   1054kg (2324 lbs)
   Code   C963020